Joel Goldsby

Joel V.Goldsby studied Architecture / Art / Photography from 1973 -1979 in the South and went West with degrees in Bachelor of Architecture and Environmental Design. During 1979 -1989, his focus was developing the three disciplines learned in schooling, not only in college, but going back to early days.

A major focus was the pen and ink style, which he developed from rather “tight” to “loose and somewhat whimsical.” His paintings have always utilized bright color, strong composition and memorable scenes. In 1989 Mr. Goldsby, while in a café in Santa Fe, New Mexico, had an inspiration to compile a magazine similar to his journal/sketchbooks from previous years into an “advertising” piece while always keeping the artsy flair intact. The concept was centered around “Painting a Portrait of a Town”, became a reality and was named Artistic Dining. Later on, “And Living” was added. The magazine was then produced in various locations throughout the Southeast.

From 1997 -present, Mr.Goldsby has been producing Artistic Dining and Living -The Villages Along Scenic Highway 30A -Sandestin and South Walton County…. And painting/drawing along the Gulf Coast.


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