Jane Berke

I come from a long line of creative women. My grandmother carved animals out of soap and both grandmothers were excellent seamstresses. My mother did beautiful handiwork, which at the time seemed boring and old-fashioned to me. Now, I wish I could duplicate the precision of those stitches! Like my mother and grandmothers before me, I always dabbled in some sort of creative outlet, decoupaging lunch boxes in the 60’s, pouring psychedelic looking sand paintings in the 70’s, creating fabric flowers or knitting grandchildren’s sweaters, to name a few. Painting began as just another hobby, but quickly became an exhilarating passion.

When I was a child, our home was colorful, boasting a red wall in our living room and the Asian rugs were chartreuse and vibrant reds. I have always loved color and mixing colors and patterns. So, when I began to paint, I naturally was drawn to vivid color. I refer to my artistic expression as “cottage-style”, informal works that are free spirited and often depict animals, birds, flora, fauna and rural images. A love of all that is seen in Nature inspires me and motivates me to try to express an attitude or gestural sense of what I am painting. I work with acrylic paint and mixed media materials.

While I am primarily self-taught, I have taken studio workshop group classes with Atlanta artists Maureen Engle and Dr. Gary Bodner.

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