Deb Handy

Deb Handy comes from a long line of artists.  Her passion and inspiration comes from her mother.  Deb’s mother passed away too young and quickly.  Prior to this, Deb thought she could paint but never took the time to try.  In going through her mother’s estate, she came across her mother’s paints and burshes.  She brought them home with her where they remained packed away for many months.  It was a difficult time for Deb realizing her mother was gone. A good friend wanted to learn to paint so she unpacked the art supplies and they began to learn together.  She discovered her mother was not gone but was all around her as she created her beautiful paintings. Her mother’s inspiration can be seen on the back of each canvas as it is marked with a red bird.  She hopes that everyone who views her art can see the desirable love between mother and child. Deb is a born and raised Texan.  She enjoyed traveling visiting her family and friends in California, Louisiana, Alabama and Florida.  Deb now lives in the Hill Country of Central Texas just southwest of Austin, Texas.

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