Carey Haynes

Art for me is creating something happy. It is about giving the perfect gift, something that touches someone’s life and brings joy. It is about telling someone you love them in the most special way possible. Art for me is focusing on the beauty of simplicity, to capture a moment in all God’s grace and glory, to share and give back, to focus on the positive things in life and to accept and grow with the challenges put before me. My paintings are my way of being God’s witness to his love, his grace and his truth.

Born in Atlanta, GA, I grew up in Texas, Germany and Tennessee. I started drawing and paintings as a child and continued exploring art throughout my early education. After attending college for two years at Queens College in Charlotte, NC, I completed my BS degree from the University of Tennessee in 1984.

Most of the images I create are considered mixed media. The use of acrylic paints, acrylic paint mediums, pastels, inks, fabric, paper, pencil and pen provide the opportunity for endless creative possibilities. My paintings are an exploration of new materials, techniques and ideas. There is always a message and meaning behind my work, many times the message is obvious, written on the painting itself. The source of the meaning and message is the reaction I feel to the world we live in and focuses on the joy, peace, grace, love and the challenges we encounter along the way. My family, friends and faith are the reason behind my desire to paint. They are the exploration of color, materials and meaning. They are the harmony of the connection.

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